Peter Friedman

“When the core of my former employer was contemplating relocating for both strategic and lifestyle reasons, I was tasked with finding the city where we would relocate. Austin was on our list. A mutual friend connected me with a ‘very honest realtor’ and my relationship with Leah was born. At no point did Leah ‘sell’ Austin to me. She educated me about the diversity in the city. We covered the many different areas of town, private and public school options, and Austin’s vast amount of community resources and green spaces. When it was time to look at office space, she sourced a commercial real estate company through her extensive connections. She introduced me to the chamber of commerce and I learned about Austin transportation, future planning and the challenges facing this growing city. In short, Leah was like a human wiki when it came to Austin. Over the next year I sent everyone to meet with Leah, from our CEO and CFO to recent technical graduates as well as a few new high impact professionals we were trying to recruit. They all received a red-carpet welcome and were met with the same dependability and enthusiasm that I was. Leah treated each family and individual as they were the CEO and was available to patiently answer any and every question. In many ways, Leah was an extension of the company and enabled us to source on a national level.”