Brad & Rachel Galvan

“Moving from out of state brings with it significant challenges (inability to get a feel for an area, inability to view homes in-person, inability to have an ear to the ground on potential homes becoming available, difficulty in building a relationship with a realtor, etc.).  These are unavoidable but critical to overcome.  We spent over a year working with Leah to find the right home in the right neighborhood that would eventually allow us to make a smooth transition to Austin and add to the excitement of this new adventure.  Leah is unequivocally THE realtor best fit to conquer the challenges that come with transitioning from out of state.  Moreover, she is a clear expert in connecting a family’s needs and wants to the right home and neighborhood.  Her communication, her knowledge of the market, her connectivity to individuals in the realtor community, her guidance and, most of all, her patience are all reasons why we highly recommend Leah.”