Leah's Testimonials

“I have been a sales professional for over 30 years, as well as a long-term real estate investor with very high expectations. Leah goes above and beyond which is critical in this market, as many deals are won or lost based on an agent’s intuition and action during the challenging moments of a transaction.  Leah and her team shine in pressure situations, and provide the needed guidance to make home selling and buying a smooth process. I am a repeat client and highly recommend Leah Petri as a real estate professional.


– J. Lakoski

“We worked with Leah and found our perfect house! She is a hustler, always professional, incredibly dedicated to her clients and wicked smart. Another bonus of the process, was seeing first hand how respected Leah is in her industry. Whether it’s a bank, lawyer or another agent, they all know the level of professionalism they will receive with Leah. We have recommended Leah and will continue to do so!”

– Lauren & Michael Summers

“Thank you for showing your steadfast commitment to us as your clients and for highlighting your ethics and integrity. This means a lot. In a time where customer service seems to be a thing of the past, you have shown us that it is a priority for you.”

– Jocelyn & Charles Holzwarth

“Leah Petri and her team are a highly professional group.  My wife and I have worked previously with her on the sale of a different home.  She consistently demonstrates a steady care for the client and their needs as was demonstrated again in a recent transaction here in Austin.  We would strongly recommend hiring her and her team whether for purchasing or selling a home!”

– Phil & Jane Capron

“Leah has been an incredible asset during our home buying and selling experiences. We are repeat clients (buyers & sellers) and have referred Leah to many friends who have found success with her (sometimes after not having success previously). Leah has been able to help with a wide range of price points and find homes all over the Austin area. Working with her team made for effortless transactions and a clear understanding of family needs and timing. Every interaction with Leah has exceeded all of our expectations. When we were new to Austin, Leah brought up to speed efficiently informing us over everything from A-Z regarding areas, pricing, process and even great places to eat! Leah offered full service assistance and even introduced us to her build/design team!”

– Doug & Christine Merritt

“If you’re looking for an agent who really understands your needs and has your back -someone who is patient and truly invested in your goals, then I would highly recommend Leah and her team! Leah was patient and willing to educate us on the key neighborhoods in the Austin area and some of the nuances of buying real estate in Texas. She is great at holding all parties accountable to ensure her clients are happy and taken care of – and ensuring a fair and honest transaction! What else do you need from a real estate agent?”

– Kesh & Tejal Patel

“Leah is an extremely competent professional that fully understands the dynamics of the Austin market.  She was instrumental in pulling together every aspect of my real estate transaction; including the renovation of the property under a tight timeline during a period of very challenging construction material and labor shortages.  Her knowledge of the market and her utilization of statistical data to support decisions led to accurate pricing of the property and a smooth transaction for all parties involved.”

– Stephen Lermer 

“Leah is the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with.  She is awesome and did an incredible job.  She far exceeded my expectations.”

– Mike Beaver

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Leah and are very happy with our new home!  As a buyer from another city, she was welcoming and very gracious with her time.  As a native of Austin, she really knows the market and all the different areas of the city to help you find what is best for you and your family.  She is professional, friendly, patient, accommodating, and exudes positive energy.  Our inspection and due diligence process went very smoothly thanks to her numerous contacts and her strong reputation with them that enabled us to make a quick decision.”

– The Rowe Family

“Leah was awesome to work with in the purchase of our investment property.  We were out of state, and purchased the home without actually seeing it.  The complexities of the out of state process can get overwhelming, yet Leah managed the process thoughtfully and professionally throughout.  Including the fact that we were in a multi offer scenario, and were able to get the home without overpaying.  Past her professional expertise and incredible knowledge of Austin, she is an extreme delight to work with- customer centric, thoughtful, witty and calm under pressure.  She’s the total package!”

– Carrie Palin

“Leah was an amazing partner in identifying and closing our house purchase in Austin in rapid and very positive manner. Her client focused style, local knowledge and deep real estate experience really paid dividends for us. We really appreciated her clear communication style and guidance as we assessed options and got to know the neighborhoods. She listened carefully to our objectives and tuned our search as needed to the local opportunities. When She identified the home that hit the mark from her private network, she proactively drove the right level of engagement and momentum from all sides to close the deal even introducing us to our design and remodel team. Our overall experience was brilliant with us securing a great house and new friends in Leah and her husband Chris. Would highly recommend Leah to anyone embarking on the house hunting adventure in Austin.”

– Ger & Paula Griffin

“Leah did a fantastic job finding and winning my family a house in the middle of a cross-country move during the height of the pandemic in early 2020. When we realized the house wouldn’t accommodate our growing family a year later, Leah was able to not only get us a great return on the house but predicted (almost to the dollar) what the market could offer. She has a fantastic pulse on the market and knows how to get deals done!”

– The Eby Family, Repeat Clients

“Leah made our home buying and selling experience in Austin fun, easy, and enjoyable. Her knowledge of the market and her experience in the industry made us extremely confident in our decisions. We were always kept in the loop and felt like she was on our side 100%. She’s honest, respectful, and fun to work with. Being new to Texas, Leah’s roots in Austin and her rolodex of recommendations and contacts are unlike any other. We will definitely work with Leah in the future and highly recommend her to others in Austin!”

– The Travis Family, Repeat Client

“The illogic and uncertainty of COVID-19 continues to amaze me, yet Leah’s professionalism and expertise brought a contract of sale to us within a month of listing the property!  John’s suggestion that I talk to Leah was the best decision we made and I appreciate Leah’s willingness to co-list with Brady – I know from experience that joint ventures can be challenging.  Now we know why John said Leah is the top producer of high end residential real estate in Austin! We will miss the ranch, but have great memories to carry for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Leah, for making the transition so timely, orderly and final. Thank you for your role in making it all happen.”

– The Bundy Family

“To put it simply, Leah is the BEST realtor, particularly when it comes to assisting an out of state buyer. Leah spent over a year helping us search for the perfect home and was in communication on an almost daily basis sending off the market listings and homes just as they popped up for sale.  She brought us on two tours of the city, taking us around all of the neighborhoods, providing details on each area, explaining what it feels like to live in each one and helped us narrow down our choice in what was a completely unknown city to find us the perfect fit.  When we toured, through FaceTime, the frame of a spec house, from 2000 miles away, and we knew it was the one, Leah was a fabulous negotiator and gave us true and honest insight on what offer price would secure us the deal without making us feel pressured. In a multiple bid scenario, Leah got us our dream home. But her talent, referral base and skill didn’t stop there, she was by our side every step of the way to the day we closed.  Moving across the country during a pandemic to wait 3 months for a house build to be completed is beyond stressful, but having Leah was the calm to our storm. She has the patience of a saint, is always a pleasure to work with and incredibly knowledgeable with respect to everything Austin, which is why we would recommend her without hesitation and with glowing praise.”

– Eliza & Gregory Allen

“Moving from out of state brings with it significant challenges (inability to get a feel for an area, inability to view homes in-person, inability to have an ear to the ground on potential homes becoming available, difficulty in building a relationship with a realtor, etc.).  These are unavoidable but critical to overcome.  We spent over a year working with Leah to find the right home in the right neighborhood that would eventually allow us to make a smooth transition to Austin and add to the excitement of this new adventure.  Leah is unequivocally THE realtor best fit to conquer the challenges that come with transitioning from out of state.  Moreover, she is a clear expert in connecting a family’s needs and wants to the right home and neighborhood.  Her communication, her knowledge of the market, her connectivity to individuals in the realtor community, her guidance and, most of all, her patience are all reasons why we highly recommend Leah.”

– Brad & Rachel Galvan

“Leah is an amazing realtor. She not only works hard to help you find homes, often just coming on the market, but Leah does a fantastic job introducing newcomers to the Austin area. If you’re looking for more than just a home, Leah will introduce you to not only your next abode, but bring you into the Austin community. Leah’s extensive local network will help you also find the best inspectors, appraisers, and other local service providers that reduce purchasing risk and make your home buying experience easier. I would strongly suggest anyone relocating to Austin use Leah as their realtor.”

– Joe M.

“It was a pleasure to work with Leah while house hunting in Austin. A true Austenite, Leah knew all about neighborhoods, schools, parks, things to do and places to eat. After just a few hours together she immediately grasped exactly what I was looking for and showed me lots of amazing properties within 2 days! She was very professional and optimistic throughout the process and well as being thoughtful and caring. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and would certainly work with her again.”

– Aleksandra F.

“When the core of my former employer was contemplating relocating for both strategic and lifestyle reasons, I was tasked with finding the city where we would relocate. Austin was on our list. A mutual friend connected me with a ‘very honest realtor’ and my relationship with Leah was born. At no point did Leah ‘sell’ Austin to me. She educated me about the diversity in the city. We covered the many different areas of town, private and public school options, and Austin’s vast amount of community resources and green spaces. When it was time to look at office space, she sourced a commercial real estate company through her extensive connections. She introduced me to the chamber of commerce and I learned about Austin transportation, future planning and the challenges facing this growing city. In short, Leah was like a human wiki when it came to Austin. Over the next year I sent everyone to meet with Leah, from our CEO and CFO to recent technical graduates as well as a few new high impact professionals we were trying to recruit. They all received a red-carpet welcome and were met with the same dependability and enthusiasm that I was. Leah treated each family and individual as they were the CEO and was available to patiently answer any and every question. In many ways, Leah was an extension of the company and enabled us to source on a national level.”

– Peter Friedman

“Leah Petri was simply instrumental in making my company’s expansion to Austin a seamless one. She went above and beyond, not only helping many of us find houses in Austin, but also helping us get acclimated to Austin in general. Now that our new office is up and running, she has continued to be an invaluable local asset, showing prospective recruits and new hires around town, and even helping those of us who recently relocated get settled, providing recommendations for everything from restaurants to optometrists!”

– Molly Bukowski

“Had we not hired Leah, we would not have found our house! She found us an amazing pocket listing that we are in love with.  She worked hard on our behalf through the entire process and was a pleasure to work with.  Can’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Jeff & Katie Hastings

“I am pleased to wholeheartedly recommend Leah Petri as a very professional real estate agent. Leah was diligent in her efforts to get my house sold. She was attentive and always willing to listen and was creative in holding open houses. I am confident that Leah will always make sure her clients are well taken care of in all aspects of a home sale, from the listing agreement all the way to the closing table. Should you have any specific questions about my experience in using Leah as my agent, I am more than happy to answer them. Best of luck.”

– Patsy Read

“I have known Leah Bright Petri for over 20 years and know her to be a loyal, dedicated, hard working professional. I hired her in 2012 to help me sell two properties in Austin and assist me in finding a home for purchase. The listings went smooth and Leah guided me through the process effortlessly. She locked in a buyer for one house within two weeks of it listing and then closed the other property within two months of it being listed. Leah negotiated both transactions and was able to save me money in each case. Being a native Austinite, she used her network of friends to find me a house that had not yet entered the market. I was thrilled and was able to close on that house a few days after closing on my own!”

– Heather Hudson Pearson

“Leah Petri is an outstanding realtor in Austin who not only knows the city from being a native, but appreciates the growth and development of the city and has an amazing grasp of Austin’s real estate. We felt like she was ahead of the game, so to speak, in our search for a home and had incredibly helpful insight into our options. We felt fortunate to have found such a dedicated, hard working realtor who worked tirelessly to show us all that fit for us as a family when looking for a home in Austin.”

– Jennie Pace

“We were referred to Leah Petri, by a commercial real estate colleague, and didn’t know much about Austin or really what we wanted to purchase, so we started off by looking at a wide variety: Ranches, Condos, and central Austin real estate. Leah was professional, prepared, and picked all four of us up in style for two full days of property touring. She was able to handle any changes to our agenda or wishes with ease, and gave us the overview and information we were looking for to get educated on the city. Leah has vast knowledge, professional contacts, and networks needed to find what her clients desire all the while letting her personality shine through.  We look forward to working with Leah again next time we have a need, and will definitely refer her to others.”

– The Weinberg Family

“Leah was able to help us strategically with my husband’s company move to Austin, and we could even count on her down to the smallest detail! A bonus she was fun to be with! We will definitely refer her to friends!”

– Oksana Malysheva

“I worked with Leah Petri as my realtor to buy my new home. I cannot tell you how nice it was to have a per- son like Leah to help me. I really was not sure exactly what I was looking for and she was a great help in narrowing down what I wanted and needed. We looked at a number of houses of different sizes, different ages, and in different areas. I ended up with a new home with many options I never dreamed of having. The area fits my life so very well and the house and yard are perfect for me. I found Leah very helpful in helping me look at what was available and what was out there to see. She spent a great deal of time helping me and used her resources in the process. I feel that Leah was an asset to me in the house hunting process.”

– Alice Rotsch Scarbrough

“Thank you Leah for making my move to Austin from Dallas easier than I could have hoped. You knew what would work for me and what wouldn’t, screened out the bad ones and found me a place that felt like home from the moment I stepped inside. I can’t wait until we do it again.”

– Jenn Timmer

“Leah has been an absolute delight to work with. She made it possible for us to buy a house in Austin seamlessly. We absolutely trust her so much so we bought the property without even looking at it!!!
She is a treasure trove of information and goes out of her way to make things happen.”

– Nitya & Siddarth Naidu

“Attentive. Fun. Detail oriented. Vibrant. Knowledgeable. Engaged. Those are but a few adjectives that describe Leah Petri and her commitment to her clients and to her profession. As a mortgage lender in today’s lending environment, I appreciate a real estate professional who is on top of his or her game throughout the transaction. From writing a detailed transaction through funding, Leah is always present and helpful. Though I know Leah professionally, I also know Leah personally as our children are the same ages. I’ve witnessed her engagement with her family and their activities. She’s always helping, volunteering and leading with a smile on her face. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy working with Leah as I know she is as dedicated to her profession and family as I am to mine—and that is refreshing.”

– Joel Richardson

“Leah knows the area we bought in very well (Westlake), having lived much of her life there. She never pushed us, and really helped make the process very easy and seamless. A stress-free process that I don’t think could have been better.”

– Chris Jenkins

“Leah’s knowledge of Austin and its competitive real estate market is amazing. My husband and I were moving to Austin from out of state and we had one week to find a house. Leah helped us find the perfect home within that week. She was well prepared from the minute we came into town and was extremely efficient with our limited time we had in town. She committed all her time to us until we found exactly what we were looking for. Even when we thought we would not be able to find what we wanted Leah did not give up. We have two elementary age children and Leah was extremely knowledgeable about the quality of the schools and the kid-friendly neighborhoods. The professional service Leah provided was exceptional. We have had great realtors in the past, but Leah has set the bar even higher for us from now on.”

– Nicole Depner

“Leah was fantastic.  In a competitive market she was always showing us listings before they hit the market.  She was able to quickly understand our needs and find us the right home in a short amount of time!  Highly recommend Leah!”

– Jeff Jenkins

“Leah Petri was the first person I called when we decided to sell our beloved home. This was my first time selling a house and she made the process easy to understand and even enjoyable. Within the first couple of days we had several offers and Leah negotiated the deal that was best for us. We will  call Leah again!”

– Shawna DeShazo